Email vs. Text App

Why do we use Text App when we want an immediate response?

After talking to several restaurant owners, food suppliers and workers, all of them said the same thing.

  • Texting/WhatsApp is for an urgent message requiring a response or confirmation.

  • Email is non-urgent messages.

When I asked myself, I realized I use it in the same way.

If I am in a hurry, need immediate confirmation, I will use a phone.

So my question is, why do we see texting app as something we can get a response from others versus email?

One of the responses was:

Texting app is an instant, has notification features.

Email notification is slower than text apps.

I compared the email app and text app on my phone.

There is another big difference.

Email (I used Gmail) is organized by the title, the time received and the recipient.

The text has not title. The message is displayed by the name of the sender.

This makes it more personal. It's a person to person message, not a document. Email is a "digital object" that carries a message from a person. So when we think of email, we don't think about the person first. We think about this digital thing. This makes email less personal than text message. For this reason, I think some recipients are not so inclined to respond to emails but will to a text message.