MVP Concept #1

One of the ideas

The design is based on a mobile email application.

Main features are:

  • Instead of an email, you send a ticket with expiration date

  • Limit the message type to three categories to avoid confusion on the recipients end

  • Choose the recipient (pre set group/network category)

  • Set an urgency level to prompt response time

1. Choose the response time

  • ASAP (ticket expires in one hour)

  • 4 hours (ticket expires in 4 hours)

  • BEOD (ticket expires at the end of the day)

  • Non Urgent (ticket expires in 7 days)

2. Choose the recipients (the sender needs to assign network before sending the ticket)

  • 1st network - (company employees, etc.)

  • 2nd network - (non employees)

  • 3rd network - (other business owners)

  • 4th network - (vendors, non industry professionals)

3. Choose the message type

Limit the message type to only three. Helps recipients understand the

  • Help Wanted

  • Need A Recommendation

  • Need Info

4.Content (up to 5 bullet points)

  • text

  • text

  • text

  • text

  • text