MVP Sketches #2

More ideas

Network diagram

The closer the network is, more reliable they are.

If you are a business owner, your 1st network can be your employees, past employees and someone you’ve met or worked before. They are more reliable and responsive to you.

The 2nd, 3rd and 4th can be your industry peers, other business owners and people you know casually.

View sent and responded tickets screen

The idea is based on Email app. When you swipe the screen to the right, this view pops up. When you click on the word or number, it will bring up the corresponding screen.

View ticket responses screen

You can view the responses based on your network. From this screen, you can choose whose response to open first.

Ticket chat screen

After opening a response, the chat window comes on. The original sent ticket is on top so that you can make a reference. The below is a chat screen should you need to do extra communication to the responder. Once the communication is done, you can click “close ticket” or go back to the responses screen.