Two Places Weekend Summary, June 6, 2020

"Someone is already developing your app, Kaz."

When you think thing are not going they way you’d like to be, the universe surprises you with something you never expected.

Here is the summary for this week.

Cofounder Candidate?

After talking to dozen candidates, I met a strong cofounder candidate. Though this person is not someone with the sales and marketing skills, I felt the devotion to the project. We will be having online meeting this Sunday for three of us.

I have talked to a few other engineers and developers. I know some of you are reading this wondering, “What happened to me?”

I/we do still need engineer cofounder, so please hang tight.

I talked to 6 cofounder candidates this week and they all had good background and interests. I am using:

My new contact David introduced me to Indiehackers. Great resources for any entrepreneur who is starting a project to monetize. It’s packed with updates (like this newsletter), what they are doing, how they are doing, successes and failures. There is a section for “Looking for CoFounders” and “Looking to join a project.”

If you are thinking of starting something, I highly recommend you join.

The problem I see with the current apps

(Article link here.)

The reason I decided to start Two Places to create a communication app was because of the problem I faced.

For my clarification and those who are interested in this project. I wrote down the pros and cons of the applications I use to communicate with my staff, temp workers, other professional and business owners.

After speaking to one restaurant owner who said, “I was so stressed out during the lockdown, trying to run the restaurant and find out what the Paycheck Protection Plan is about, what it would do, how to apply. It was very stressful.”

The main issues come down to two things: Takes too much time to find information,  and there is too much information.

Or the other way to put it is, “Because there is too much information out there, it takes too much time to find one.”

The new landing page (

The previous page was Job Board. After switching the idea to communication app, I updated the website so that others can learn what this project is about.

Someone may be already developing this app

This maybe the biggest news of this week.

I made a post on Facebook Group asking for a collaborator. On Thursday evening, one person Brandon left a message saying there is someone who may be interested in the project. I called him right back. According to him, there is someone who is developing an app that sounds like the one I am thinking of. Brandon was kind enough to send email and connect me with this person. Waiting to hear back to find out more. By the way, Brandon’s runs is Payment Love, a payment solution service, consulting and referral company.

Online community is the place to go?

David is an entrepreneur I got connected through Founders Lab. Like me, he has an idea for a startup, a bill pay system. After thirty minutes of exchanging ideas, he emailed me a newsletter from Indiehackers.

The new business model of charging for paid communities is sweeping through the world of indie hackers.’

· Anne-Laure Le Cunff, the founder of Ness Labs, has generated $9.6k from her community for healthy entrepreneurship

· Maxim Zavadskiy, the founder of Growth Club, has grown his peer-to-peer founder-coaching community to $610/mo.

· And Tyler Gillespie, the founder of Productized Mentor, has grown his community for service business founders to $2.6k/mo.

—Channing (@channingallen)

Videos on Startup

How To Build Product As A Small Startup - Michael Seibel, Y Combinator

Great video from the founder of Y Combinator.

Here is my summary of what I learned from this video.

  1. Dedicate someone in charge of  building a product

  2. KPI - new content created, new users, retain users

  3. Have a product meeting regularly and discuss new features, bugs and ideas

  4. No idea is bad idea. Never turn down anyone’s ideas (Rule of brainstorming)

  5. Easy medium hard – have all ideas rated by one tech person

  6. Spec ideas out, write what you want to build, write down who does who

  7. Get to work

Articles Published

See you next week.


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