Weekend Summary, June 20, 2020

We now have CTO Cofounder

This is a weekly report for the startup, Two Places.

We are developing a communication app for the restaurant industry.


  1. We have two Cofounders on board

  2. Looking for the last Cofounder

  3. Project overview

  4. Sketches

I wanted to say thank you for all the engineers and app developers I interviewed. I know some of you are reading this post to get an update on the project. Please let me know if you have any ideas, suggestions or whenever you want to contribute to the project. Let’s keep in touch.

We have two Cofounders now: CDO (Chief Design Officer) and CTO (Chief technical officer).

We had an online meeting earlier this week, which was the first time all of us met online. The majority of the time was spent between CDO and CTO discussing the technical issues in developing the product: coding platform, integration between the different platforms, compatibility, efficiency, use of existing libraries.

For now, we have decided to use Flutter, an open-source UI software development kit created by Google to for coding, Sketch a vector graphics editor for the interface design.

Looking for the last Cofounder

The fourth Cofounder is very important (well, all the Cofounder are important…) because this person’s job is to monetize the project. Let me explain what we are looking for.

Marketer/Sales/Content manager Cofounder

  • To create a profitable paid subscription publication (newsletter, blog) for the restaurant and food industry.

  • The content has to be such that restaurant owners, industry business owners and professionals would pay to subscribe. 

  • The profit from the paid subscription will cover the running cost of app development. 

  • The ideal candidate has an extensive profitable writing career with a good number of followers (20,000+?) /views on blog, newsletter, YouTube or any other online platform. 

Please let me know if anyone has a referral.

Project overview

Here is the project overview and a rough timeline.

There are three main components.


It’s the development of the communication app.


The search for the 4th Cofounder. Once we find one, we will go over the agreement details and formally sign the document to make it official.

Content Monetization

Newsletter, blog or possibly YouTube to generate income. It can also be used to market the product. 

I will be posting more sketches and flowchart next week.

Published Articles

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As always, if you have a feedback, please email me: hello@twoplacesjobs.com

See you next week.