Weekend Summary, June 27, 2020

Sorry - Very little to report this week

Thank you everyone for reading this post and your continuing support.

This is a weekly report for the startup, Two Places.

We are developing a communication app for the restaurant and food industry.


I want to say thank you to my two Cofounders, who decided to join this project. I feel fortunate to meet you and have you two on board. I couldn’t start this project without you.

I am sorry to inform you we have very little to report this week.

One of the major decisions made between the cofounders is we are going to start with three cofounders instead of waiting to find the 4th Marketing cofounder.

As such, our first priority is to sing the cofounder agreement, create a company (Delaware S-corp), and start working on the MVP.

We will look for the Marketing cofounder while we develop the MVP


I did create a simple flowchart for the app.

You can refer to the MVP Sketches #2 post, I am hoping this chart makes more sense.

In the coming weeks, I will be making more sketches, flow charts and a detailed description of what the app will do so our CDO and CTO can understand all the ideas I have.

We are still looking for the 4th Cofounder

The 4th Cofounder will be in charge of marketing, sales, content creation, and monetizing.

The ideal candidate has good writing skills, ideally experienced in content marketing, and has blog, newsletter or another content platform with a good track record.

If you know someone, please let me know: hello@twoplacesjobs.com.

See you next week!



Two Places